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by Anitha Gokul

Makes 10-15 numbers

Maida-½ kg
Sugar-¼ kg
Water-3-4 cups(very hot)
Salt to taste
Powdered cardamoms or khas-khas
Oil for frying.


Sieve the flour, add sugar, salt, and cardamoms and mix well. Then add 2 cups hot water to the flour mixing well with a long spoon. when the flour is thoroughly wet start kneading with your hands adding more water to get the desired consistency(it should be thick and smooth).

The batter should extend when pulled. Now take about a ladle of the batter in your left palm and pat it with your right fingers and deep fry in oil. Use water to pat as the batter could be sticky.
Squashed bananas can also be added. If it is difficult to pat pour a ladle of the batter directly into the oil.


E.B. Hariharan’s tip : To shape the batter and bring it to a near circular shape, here is the traditional method.


Take a steel vessel ‘KINNI’ with a circular base, place it upside down.Take a piece of clean white muslin or poplin cloth, wet it in clean water and place it on top. Place the requisite batter on top of the cloth and using both hands, slowly elongate on all sides, until the batter forms a near circle. This process also gives uniformity to the surface. Place the left hand under the muslin cloth, and in one slow movement transfer the circular batter to the right hand and carefully slide/place it into hot oil.



by R Ramachandran (Kekkatty)

[A healthy preparation as it is steam cooked and can be stored for weeks]

Ganjae ravae.
Pottu Kadale
Salt to taste
Sugar or Jaggery (bella)
Maddu Bittu
Morande Sticks

Method :

Add water to ganjae ravae mixed with spicy ingredients like MADDHU BITTU and POTTU KADALAE. Add salt and sugar / bella (jaggery). This mix is made into small balls. ‘MORANDHAE SOPPU’ stem is cut into small sticks and placed on top of the vessel filled with water (modern pressure cookers with IDLY making attachments may be an ideal alternative). A white thin cloth is spread on these sticks and the balls are stacked in such a way the steam reaches every ball. The morandae sticks also have medicinal values. The vessel is closed/covered and the water is boiled for about half an hour.

Serve with or without milk.

Prof. Paul Hockings notes : Kadimittu (refers to) hard sweet wheat balls, cooked by steaming wheat flour with salt and crude sugar. Taken on long journeys in former times because they would last for many days.


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